How did Elevator music come to be?

For a long time, people assumed elevator music came to be to subside people’s fears and anxieties of riding the elevator. The classical music being played was to calm people’s nerves. However, it turns out this notion was not true.

Music began being played in elevators in the early 30s which is approximately 80 years after the elevator had been created. Could people still be afraid of riding an elevator 80 years after its invention?

Patrick Carrajat, founder of The Elevator Museum of The Elevator Historical Society believes elevator music was there to distract people during their elevator ride and keep them from getting bored throughout their journey from floor to floor. Elevator rides were boring and music was supposed to help fend that sentiment off.

However, in the 60s and 70s elevator music started becoming annoying and was removed from low-end and high –end elevators. Mirrors acted as replacement and until today are still being used. We all get into the elevator and immediately check our hair, makeup and clothes in the elevators mirror making the seconds pass without complaint. Not that nowadays we need any kind of distraction in elevators, with our smartphones constantly in hand.