Escalators to be installed on Istanbul Slopes

A project is in the works in Istanbul by the Metropolitan Municipality to install escalators on the city’s steep slopes making the daily lives of the elderly and disabled a whole lot easier. The three streets to be covered are located in Beyoglu, Eyup and Fatih districts. However, other districts will soon follow as well.

In Beyoglu district, Salı Pazarı Yokuşu Street is where the project will tackle the 85 meter long slope. This street connects the neighborhoods of Karakoy and Cihangir.

The second escalator in the district of Fatih will be installed on a 50 meter long slope connecting Ataturk Avenue and Fil Yokusu Street.

The third escalator will be installed on Nese Street which is 50 meter long as well, connecting Ecdat Street and Sayfiye Street.

The project is set to be organized and carried out by the municipality on July 23.